Snow Cone Machine

A variety of shaved ice or ground up ice desserts topped with flavored sugar syrup. Crunchy. Icy. Tasty treat. Snow cones are a great way to beat the heat. In fact, during the heat of the summer, nothing beats the good old-fashioned snow cone. The best way to enjoy your snow cone is to have one, or more, with Bounce House Guy Barstow. And because you can't get enough with a single serve, rent the Snow Cone Machine at Bounce House Guy. For events, parties, family gatherings, celebrations and more. Experiment with new flavors and have fun. Yes, aside from the usual and the most popular flavors like banana, watermelon, pineapple, blue raspberry, lime, grape, blueberry, cherry and coconut, you can add a touch of magic to your snow cone and let your imagination run wild, creating your own unique flavor. So, craving for a snow cone? Bounce House Guy Barstow. Because we know its not just the kids, but the kid in you too who should have and enjoy these spiked snow cones. Sweet treat of wonderful flavor combinations and bright colors. And yes, not just for kids, it's the perfect adult summer time treat!

  • Margarita Machine

    Rents for $150. Comes with everything except for the alcohol.

  • Slushie Machine

    Prepared yourself for a warm spring and a hot summer. Quench your thirst by renting our Slushie Machine for $150

  • Snow Cone Machine

    Snow Cone Maker to make delicious tasting snow cones. Rent now for $50!!!

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    Kids love pony parties! Two ponies - $200 for 1 hours. Rent these adorable creatures now!

  • Table & Chair

    Table and Chairs special "with bounce house rental", you can rent 3 tables for only $15 plus 24 chairs. Its good for all occasions!