Bounce House Guy Barstow Rentals

You are in a festive mood and you feel like celebrating. The good life you're living definitely gives you a lot of reasons to celebrate! Now comes the necessary preparations and the "add-ons." Free yourself from the stress. Let Bounce House Guy Barstow take care of you and your guests' party needs. Finally back just in time for the party season time, Bounce House Guy Barstow not just offers Bounce House Rental, they also offer Slushie / Snow Cone Machine options, Margarita Machine rental, Water Slide, Pony Rides, and more. Now, your party will definitely be a blast! A great opportunity also, to spend quality time and make lasting memories with the family and especially the kids. And for your friends, a superb way to let them know, you're in control. No matter how big or small the celebration is, you know how to PARTY! And yes, Bounce House Guy Barstow also offers tables and chairs rental. Bounce House Guy Barstow provides quality tables and chairs that give comfort to your visitors and you, as you all take in the fun and excitement that Bounce House Guy party rentals provide. Licensed and insured, as is required for most events and parties in Barstow, Bounce House Guy should be your next party rental supplier. Call them now and ask about their packages. When you book your next party with them, expect to be thrilled and delighted. And so satisfied, you'll be planning your next party with them the soonest!

  • Margarita Machine

    Rents for $150. Comes with everything except for the alcohol.

  • Slushie Machine

    Prepared yourself for a warm spring and a hot summer. Quench your thirst by renting our Slushie Machine for $150

  • Snow Cone Machine

    Snow Cone Maker to make delicious tasting snow cones. Rent now for $50!!!

  • Pony Rides

    Kids love pony parties! Two ponies - $200 for 1 hours. Rent these adorable creatures now!

  • Table & Chair

    Table and Chairs special "with bounce house rental", you can rent 3 tables for only $15 plus 24 chairs. Its good for all occasions!