Margarita Machine

Tequila. Crisp flavors. Fresh. With freshly-squeezed lime or lemon juice, triple sec and sugar. Served with salt on the rim of the glass. The perfect margarita. Served shaken with ice, blended with ice or drink it straight up. Any way, you want it. You'll have it. With Bounce House Guy Barstow. Bounce House Guy Barstow has Margarita Machines for rent. It comes with everything except for the alcohol. Add spice to your party. And zing. Because Margaritas are definitely a classic. And a crowd-pleaser!

  • Margarita Machine

    Rents for $150. Comes with everything except for the alcohol.

  • Slushie Machine

    Prepared yourself for a warm spring and a hot summer. Quench your thirst by renting our Slushie Machine for $150

  • Snow Cone Machine

    Snow Cone Maker to make delicious tasting snow cones. Rent now for $50!!!

  • Pony Rides

    Kids love pony parties! Two ponies - $200 for 1 hours. Rent these adorable creatures now!

  • Table & Chair

    Table and Chairs special "with bounce house rental", you can rent 3 tables for only $15 plus 24 chairs. Its good for all occasions!