Daggett, CA Bounce House Guy

Snow Cone Machine <<

Renting the Bounce House Guy Daggett Snow Cone Machine will not only add fun to any party or event you're hosting, your guests will also enjoy the refreshing event which is a superb way to beat the heat. With Daggett's warm weather, there's no better way to party and keep yourself and your guests cool and refreshed than to serve the good old-fashioned snow cone. And to enjoy more of this crunchy, icy and delicious treat, rent the Snow Cone Machine at Bounce House Guy Daggett. Snow cones. In wonderful color combinations and bright colors, it's the perfect treat not just for the kids, but adults too! Contact Us

Slushie Machine <<

Kids mostly and early teeners, why, even adults too, love this sweet and satisfyingly cooling and refreshing break. A glass of slushie. We're sure though that with the sweltering heat you just can't get enough with a mere glass of slushie. Get a slushie overload. Rent and enjoy the Slushie Machine rental offered by Bounce House Guy Daggett and make your event the cool and superb gathering that it should be! Contact Us

Margarita Machine <<

Served shaken with ice, blended with ice or drink, or drink it straight up, nothing beats the classic margarita. Adding spice and zing to the party you're hosting, you're getting more of the fun when you rent for yourself and your guests the Bounce House Guy Daggett Margarita Machine. It comes with everything except for the alcohol. A sure crowd-pleaser, your party will be a favorite, an event guests will talk about long after. Contact Us

Pony Rides <<

Lovable, gentle and adorable ponies for ride at just $200 an hour - fall harvest, birthday party or any event you're hosting - the kids and the kids at heart will really, really have fun with Bounce House Guy Daggett Pony Rides. Rent these ponies now and have the kids ride, feed and pet these delightful and sweet creatures. And yes, these ponies love the kids too. And because Bounce House Guy Daggett's rentals are licensed and insured, you are also assured you are getting and enjoying safe and guaranteed services. Contact Us

Water Slide & Bounce House <<

Daggett's semi arid climate will surely make your family, friends and you look forward to a water day. Why not host a party complete with a water slide? It lets you party with a splash and blast! And your guests, the kids especially, will love you for it. Bounce House Guy Daggett has a water slide for rent that will keep you cool and having fun as you party. Bounce House Guy Daggett's Bounce House also will entertain the kids. Now, who needs a baby-sitter? The little ones will surely have a grand time on their own! Contact Us

Tables & Chairs Rentals <<

For quality tables and chairs that cater best to you and your guests' needs, a comfortable place for them to sit and eat, Bounce House Guy Daggett has Tables & Chairs rentals. Yes, rent tables and chairs quick and easy. Bounce House Guy proudly back and serving Barstow, Lenwood, Daggett, Hinkley, Yermo and Helendale, delivers, small or big the event is - outdoor weddings, funerals, graduation party (all grades & college), quinceanera/birthdays, anniversaries, work parties, sociables and funerals. Bounce House Guy Daggett delivers! Contact Us

Parties <<

Yes, Bounce House Guy is back, and with them proudly serving Daggett and the surrounding area, you have more good reasons to be celebrating. Party like you never did before because with Bounce House Guy Daggett providing you party rentals and services - Slushie Machine, Snow Cone Machine, Margarita Machine, Water Slide, The Bounce House, Ponies for Rides, and Tables and Chairs for rent - sure you can! Book and reserve for any of the services they offer now. Book fast! Questions? Call them. They get back to you fast. Bounce House Guy Daggett. Give them the pleasure of being your next party needs supplier and be thrilled, delighted and satisfied! Contact Us

  • Margarita Machine

    Rents for $150. Comes with everything except for the alcohol.

  • Slushie Machine

    Prepared yourself for a warm spring and a hot summer. Quench your thirst by renting our Slushie Machine for $150

  • Snow Cone Machine

    Snow Cone Maker to make delicious tasting snow cones. Rent now for $50!!!

  • Pony Rides

    Kids love pony parties! Two ponies - $200 for 1 hours. Rent these adorable creatures now!

  • Table & Chair

    Table and Chairs special "with bounce house rental", you can rent 3 tables for only $15 plus 24 chairs. Its good for all occasions!